Sunday, December 30, 2012

2013 forecast

INR - The inflation adjusted REER or the forward points suggest that INR will touch 60 this year. But I dont think this is gonna happen. The money pumped by QE machines are finally going to reach India this year. And we may see INR reaching 50 by end June possibly.

Nifty- Fiscal cliff will create short term bumps, but road is smooth beyond that. Nifty to breach 6000 by q1 and trade above 6000 for most of the year. I see nifty scaling all time high this year.

Bonds- Bond yields could slip to 7.5 as rate cuts begin but will start inching up from there on. Chances of more than 100 bps cut are bleak in 2013

Gold - Gold will show $1500 this year. Could be the worst performing asset this year. Some central banks may unite to prick this bubble.

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